Sunday, May 3, 2009


Okay, so my blog posting has fallen off lately.  For real.  BUT, I have legitimately been working on my MySpace -  Check me out.  I'm working on some projects - a new book of poetry, possible music collaboration...maybe a little spoken word over some beats a la Dustin Cavazos (check my MySpace playlist - 1st song).  The man is a genius.
You can also follow me on Twitter -
And of course, check my books  (BIG changes coming to the inventory here) - - you can buy in snazzy pocket size print edition or download in e-book format for a mere 5 BUCKS.  Suh-weet.  Hey recession, EFF YOU!
thanks for the support & patience...i'll return here soon enough, promise...but i'm always somewhere.
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Bon Don said...

busy man!! glad you're back

Westopher said...

Good on philosophy is stay busy or get dead.